Tips for getting Free Stuff

Below are some tips that can you while you request for free stuff either on this website or some other.

  1. Never use your personal phone number when you’re signing up for an offer. Only do it in case you want to be contacted by the company offering the product or you have to verify while signing up for the freebie. You can sign up for a account for this purpose, which is an easy way to get a free phone number. It lets you check your voicemail’s online. By doing this, your number won’t be added to telemarketing list and you won’t receive any calls at your personal phone number. Another great service similar to this one is Google voice which can also be very helpful.
  2. Sign up for an extra email address on Gmail or Hotmail which will save your personal email account from spams.
  3. If you want to get some free stuff on your own, you can always call the company which offers the product of your interest for getting free samples and discount coupons.
  4. A lot of latest browsers feature automatic fill-up. You can choose this feature to fill up a form which will make it easier for you to apply for as many offers as you want without wasting anytime. This feature records your name, email address, post address and code so you wouldn’t have to fill it again when required. If your browser doesn’t have this feature then you can use a dedicated app for this purpose as well. One of the famous ones out there is called RoboForm which is also very effective and easy to use.
  5. You can sign up for a newsletter by our website to stay updated for every latest offer that is added to our list.