Stirrin' Stuff

Stirrin Stuff is all about working as a network with schools and nursery s and at food events all over the UK. The aim of Stirrin Stuff is to get kids involved with cooking right from scratch to teach them about having a healthy diet but also to get our environment as green as we can! The programme is also worthwhile for teachers and parents too.

Children love to get involved with things like making food because it s fun, not only this but it s also learning for them too, all children at some point are going to have to leave home and fend for themselves so why not start teaching them how to cook from early on? Obviously with young children you are going to have to allow more time to get everything cooking and ready as well as being patient with them, you are also going to have to get over the mess they will probably make, but if you include this in with the cooking you can get them to help you out and clean up after themselves. A lot of peoples first thoughts are it ll be easier and quicker to do it myself and the mess will be twice as much and add time on the whole process and where all of this things are true you will need to have to forget about it seeing them learn and discover more and new skills will be much more worthwhile.