About Us

Hello, my name is Julia and I’m an expert when it comes to finding free stuff. I’m a shopping enthusiast, a discount hunter and a loving mother of 3 kids. I will be your guide to saving money.

My parents were immigrants from China and they moved to the UK so they could live the dream. I’m the eldest sister of three brothers and our parents got divorced when we were kids. We lived with our mom, who worked really hard to provide for our family. Because I was the eldest one, it was my duty to take of my brothers when mom wasn’t around and that is how I learned how to spend money wisely and ways to save it.

When you don’t get to have a lot of things during your childhood, you tend to do anything to make sure that your kids have it all. Of course, my budget was still limited. I learned how to get freebie stuff and soon after my mail box use to be full of freebie that I was constantly winning. I started this blog to share my techniques of saving money and getting free stuff with other parents. Don’t need to thank me but you can always leave suggestions and new ideas that you might come along.