Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is all the stuff that I have found on this website really free?

Yes all of the freebie stuff and coupons that are offered on this website are completely free. You don’t have to pay any fee for the delivery either.

2- Can I list free stuff on this website? Who lists free stuff on this website?

Everyone can list their products and samples on our website to give away for free. Most of the freebies that are offered on our websites come from different companies and brands that want to sample their products for the sake of testing or are looking to giveaway free products for marketing.

3- Will I have to give my phone number?

We don’t share your phone number with anyone. When you want to contact someone for any of the product on our list then we give your email address to one of our representative so they can contact you.

4- How often the list is updated?

Our freebie offers list is updated on a regular basis and even couple of time in a day. As soon as a new offer hits the market we put it on our list. If any party or company lists a product, it stays on our list for four weeks unless the lister takes it down meanwhile.

5- Is there any limit to how many offers I can apply for and how many offer I can get?

There is no limit. You can apply to as many offers as you want and you can get as much freebie stuff as you can. But to stay fair to all, you can only apply for 5 offers in a day.